Current projects include:

Keeping the clients as happy as I can.

Writing a series of Internet training vignettes for

Just finished a video project for Deloitte Touche's Tech-Com division in San Francisco.

Wrapped post-production on an environmental series entitled, "Voices For The Land."

Producing and developing a companion web strategy and site for a PBS Television Documentary Series Featuring the Great Lakes Anishinabe-Ojibwe Native Peoples.

Just wrapped up a website for an alternative cancer therapy provider in Mexico.

Donated a good deal of my time to this project. In memory of my good friend, Matt San Miguel, and all the kids on the fourth floors worldwide! offers an imaginative stream of ideas and a solid creative vision.

I think, therefore I'm creating this stuff anyway.

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"There's a crack in everything...
That's how the light gets in! "

- Leonard Cohen