Meatballs meets Brian's Song.

(Inspired by a good friend of mine who passed away from a courageous battle with leukemia. His name was Matthew Armando San Miguel and he was fifteen years-old when he died. He was a good street hockey player. And he was a very funny kid.)

It revolves around the activities of a ragtag ensemble of street skaters. We call them "grinderplaters." Their leader is Frank, a homeless teen who is wise beyond his 16-something years.

Teech is the new kid, laced in modified hockey blades, who has come from Elgin to skate with the "gp's".

The local-area skate park called, "Navy Pier," is going to be taken away and they need money to get a lawyer to stop it.

They enter the "Rollerblade" Street Nationals competition at Soldier Field. Grand Prize is Kurt Cobain's guitar valued at over twenty-thousand dollars. They fight off the "Bad Crew," obstacle course and all, to try and win it.

Unfortunately, it's not the pier that needs to be helped.

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"Give me a lever and place to stand, and I will move the world."

- Archimedes