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                                        " grinderplates"                                  
                                         Charles R. Fox

Chuck Fox
"grinderplates" FADE IN INT. SUBURBAN GARAGE - OUTSIDE CHICAGO - NIGHT Open door allows tremendous GRINDER NOISE to spew around in heavy sets of MUSICAL CHAOS. The HIGH SHRILL of an electric sabre saw dominates this moment. INTERCUT - SPARKS AND STEEL WORKS Scant light reveals a MALE TEENAGER working tool sets. Safety goggles illuminate the spark of this "life." Fastened to a large vise, and wisely angled for structural modification, rests an in-line hockey skate. Gutted and withdrawn, it remains a shell of possibilities. The partner lays in wait. SERIES OF SHOTS - INTERCUT SPARKS -- Cuts two parallel notches in the blade frame. -- Cacophony of memorably beautiful family interludes. -- Sizes up the plate to the frame. -- Mechanically assembles apparatus to frame. -- Joins the modified skate to his foot. -- Rocks the nearest course of hazard outside his house. EXT. OAK STREET BEACH - SAME Quiet and sturdy. A teen girl rides the rails alone. She is beautiful. She is street. She is NASTY. FREEZE ON ACTION MALE VOICE She's Nasty. RUN FRAME MALE VOICE This is a love story. EXT. DIVISION STREET - LATER Abruptly, NOISE ESCAPES -- IN-LINE SKATERS emerge en masse. Band of ten. The BAD CREW. Front players seemingly armed. We FOLLOW their "work" commute. Each one offering different face cover. Full of the truly haphazard, they fly into the door -- INT. FIVE FACES The GYRO CREW stands behind the counter, undisturbed as they are stormed. LUCIFER (to cashier) Don't anybody be forcin' up a trigger finger! Ears up like it matters, here! All green! All green! (to fry-guy) You! Yeah. Fry-guy fills up this bag with toasteds. OLLIE Cheese on them. Fry-guy shrugs. CHARLIE Cheese on the side, right? The cashier begins to stuff the money in the bag. As he turns to the fry guy-- CASHIER Two extra-cheese-fries to-go. One on the toasted side. Charlie drops a sincere snicker. OLLIE Thanks, bro! FRY GUY - STUFFING FRIES TO CASHIER as he puts the money in a bag and hands them the separate order of fries. CHARLIE Fries in the bag... Cholo Boy! LUCIFER Give me money, man. OLLIE Change mine to chili-cheese fries? LUCIFER (taking cash; to cashier) No chillin' cheese! OLLIE Chili and cheese? (to server) You good on chillin on the cheese, ain't you? EXT. DIVISION STREET, CHICAGO The Bad Crew squeaks frenetically against the street. HOMELESS PEOPLE offer-up DIFFERING WITNESS to the bid. TWO SKATEBOARDERS cross-cut with the Bad Crew, forcing a more than casual observation. They are FROG and CHRYSLER. We'll re-up with them later. Nasty rolls by, on her way home. EXT. OLD NAVY PIER - DAY SUPER OVER: Old Navy Pier Chicago Summertime Pre-development years. Spent and completely used-up. INT. NAVY PIER Ramshackle underbelly of Navy Pier. It's called "The Landing." A dimly lit space with no intention of divulging any feature other than structural devastation. A BAND OF STREET SKATERS rumble amidst the chaos and catastrophe of the angular rustic. ESTABLISHING - SKATE ACTION Fast. Active. Dynamic. Jutting against stable ripples of steel and transom that span seemingly endless workspace. MALE VOICE Welcome to "The Landing." INSERT - INT. OLD CHICAGO STEEL WORKS MALE VOICE A "Seven-Twenty McTwist" of cold, hard, steel. INSERT - EXT. OLD CHICAGO SKYLINE MALE VOICE Mixed with concrete. DISSOLVE TO: CURRENT SKYLINE MALE VOICE Roll the "Big Shoulders" concept bam smack against the mid-west rockshow and you've created a dynamic we labeled-up... HALF-PIPE MOVE MALE VOICE High noon at "HALF-PIPE!" ACTIVE SKATING MALE VOICE Mister Rubber meets Doctor Metal and Joey the Concrete Butcher Guy! BLADER IN FREE-FLIGHT PLATES GUIDED BY STEEL MALE VOICE (continuing) The metal plates. "Grinderplates." (beat) These units -- sold in trippy blazin' sets of four -- hold the most positive connection on transferring the grind. VIBE IN MOTION MALE VOICE Lifes' purest of moments. Totally up front on this.. (beat) To everyone one of us... every single "Grinderplater!" TIGHT ANGLES MALE VOICE it was THEE MOST GLOBALLY AWESOME SET OF ROCK-SOLIDS AND HEAVY STRUCTURAL MATERIALS TO EVER EXIST ON ANY PLANET! (reflection) And dudes, when we hugged tight to the swift angles of these purest of man-made things... (beat) These ideas built on a foundation of truth... GRINDERPLATER IN PURE FLIGHT MALE VOICE (exuberant) We were flying... INSERT - EXT. OLD NAVY PIER - DAY MALE VOICE And, we knew we owned the place! BACK TO SCENE GARAGE DOOR - VEHICLES ENTER - INTERCUT SKATERS fade off, like shadow ghosts. Remnants of some day before. It remains dark. A stretch limo and short series of SUV/luxury autos stream about in hazard. Skaters quickly and mysteriously disappear... ...SOLO SKATER follows behind. HE DISSOLVES AWAY Here. There. Everywhere. Gone. Vehicles disengage. TEN MEN wearing suits, two carrying design portfolios, confidently emerge to the smoky, shadow-shrouded center illumination. They circle in concrete darkness. Well-suited vultures. One of the men drops bundled materials onto an angular slab. Opening up, he displays what appears to be construction plot and schedule. Never seem to be aware of the skaters shadowed in the b.g.. INTERCUT - DEVELOPERS AND PLANS GIG JONES The Pier holds, fellas, such fiscal opportunity. JOEY DOOM Enormous potential! GIG JONES Economically, a sound model for, well, the progress metaphor. JOEY DOOM McD's in the tent. Big-time! Center ring in fact! Millennium store. RALPH MEITO Everyone's got a millennium store. JOEY DOOM Not like McD's! GIG JONES Good customer-support from all interested parties. FRANKIE GAMBLE (interrupting) And the level of cancer in facility? (beat) Structurally speaking? GIG JONES Frankly Frankie, we do not work with malignant building product. New... (looking around) Or all washed up, like this place. JOEY DOOM Without a bit of deficit finance. Nod from #2 FRANKIE GAMBLE Structure's good. RALPH MEITO So you saying, well, structure is not the afterthought? JOEY DOOM After-thought? Not on my stolen life. FRANKIE GAMBLE Who's stolen after-thought-life then? GIG JONES (subtly agitated) Business. This remains business, on this. (checking) This here is very much the central issue. And that includes the structure as well. RALPH MEITO Hizzoner? We've his support this one? JOEY DOOM (is he serious?) Heck! More solid than structure, I'll give you that! Solid as the white marble that's "hanging on sloopy" over the Standard Oil building. RALPH MEITO Amoco building? FRANK GAMBLE Aon Center? GIG JONES (to Ralph) Whatever! Hey! Don't jack me off with the metaphor, on display like this one is. JOEY DOOM He continually pledges his allegiance to the business he keeps to heart on his chest like... (motion hits to chest) ... like this, boys! REACTION GIG JONES Christ, fellas, his bro's da' Commerce Secretary. GET ON ME LIKE A SERIOUS CAT IN HEAT! This commitment struts to you like cruise controllin' I-Beamin' fast track action! Besides, I've always aligned my girder in the positive with you boys. RALPH MEITO I hear ya'. And not just for the development community. FRANKIE GAMBLE What stands in the way of progress? JOEY DOOM Small group of homeless. We'll surely be nippin' them in the butt... (to Boss Jones) ... er, uh, budd? Whatever? Quite soon, actually. The guys been here already, but we playin' them wit' a certain amount of a subtleness-like-approach. Ya' know... FRANKIE GAMBLE (checking) ... Cicero style? GIG JONES (affirmation; continuing) ... Then we've a coupl'a of them small youths on roller-skates and stuff like that. FRANKIE GAMBLE You mean gangs sellin' stuff, just like that? RALPH MEITO (concern over ancillaries) Is that what you're saying to us? FRANKIE GAMBLE They dealing drugs for roller-skates, or what kinda stuff we talkin', George? RALPH MEITO Those the kids that aced our dog shop the other day? FRANKIE GAMBLE What day? Dope and dogs? Dope and dogs! Is this the problem? RALPH MEITO The boys know we don't do dope AND dogs! (beat; checking) I mean we'll sell dope to dogs. We just won't do dope and dogs. (on reflect) Right? TO RALPHIE FRANKIE GAMBLE (interrupting) Ralphie, help these gentlemen out here. RALPH MEITO This is the new project. INT. NAVY PIER GRINDERPLATERS RIDING - IN SHADOW Vaquely making out a hand-held camera being carried by a confidant skater in darkness. MALE VOICE The gaps 'round here been trimmin' out to the small sizes, again. Can't spin your wheels worrying about freakin' gaps or anything else that trips the ride up. Just wastin' some of that truly precious time. Don't count this out, whatever you believe. (beat) See, I guess it's not really 'bout the hard way, you know, how "local T," what we labeled-up, "localized terrain." Look, street reality drops real hard here. A bam-smack-moment. Forging chosen respect upon those trying to achieve the elusive "A" strategy. (beat) Just like the coveted rock-show pass. INSERT - FLASH FORWARD - MATT SKATING INTO THE BACKSTAGE AREA with backstage pass around neck as he slides by security. A full-level thumbs-up concept. MALE VOICE (beat) The "A" ducat. BACK TO SCENE MALE VOICE And the man holding a phat pocket of the backstage magic... ON SOLO SKATER moving in shadow. MALE VOICE ... Frankie. It was good for all of us. INT. NAVY PIER GRINDERPLATERS RIDING - IN SHADOW Vaquely making out a hand-held camera being carried by a confidant skater in darkness. EXT. OHIO STREET BEACH TUNNEL STAIRS - DAY Most of the G.P.'s are present. AD-LIB banter amongst the GRINDERPLATES as they dance the metal strut. Feel the faces. Chase styles. Catch dreams.

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